Long Journey, Oil on Canvas*, 12x70

Long Horizontal Oils & Acrylics

These paintings are concerned with the interplay of light and space. I start with a long, empty canvas, and the painting develops with shapes, colors and textures that interact. The painting takes over and I am always surprised how it draws out deep memories of places, light and colors that have excited me during my journeys.

Unstretched canvases (marked * in the display) all have an unpainted border at least five inches wide on all sides, so that they can be stretched and framed if desired.

Magenta Light, Acrylic on Canvas, 36x80

From the Beach, Oil on Canvas*, 14x60 SOLD

Cape Moon, Acrylic on Paper*, 18x84

Potomac Blue, Oil on Paper*, 21x65

Ever Changing Light, Oil on Linen*, 48x108 SOLD

The Glacier, Oil on Linen*, 48x108

Bronze and White, Oil on linen*, 16x50

Island Dream, Oil on Canvas, 30x22

Cill Railaig Cottage, Oil on Canvas*, 12x32/diptych