Azaleas and Bluebells, Acrylic on Canvas*, 50x60

Azaleas and Bluebells
Acrylic on Canvas*, 50x60 SOLD


Oils & Acrylics

These recent works are all painted on unstretched canvases pinned to the wall, which gives a sense of freedom and openness and allows me experiment with the interplay of movement and space through colors, textures and brush strokes.

The unstretched canvases (marked * in the display) all have an unpainted border at least five inches wide on all sides, so that they can be stretched and framed if desired.

Spiraling Orange
Oil on Canvas*, 48x30

Spiraling Warmth
Oil on Canvas*, 48x30

Spring Showers
Oil on Canvas*, 50x38

Orange Grass & Darker Shadows
Oil Pigments on Paper, 11x14

Remembering the Bluebell Wood
Oil on Canvas*, 50x37 SOLD

Azaleas and Bluebells
Acrylic on Canvas*, 50x60 SOLD

First There Was Orange
Oil on Canvas*, 42x44

Floating Colors
Oil on Canvas*, 45x22

In the Distance
Acrylic on Canvas*, 47x33

Structured Group
Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30

White Shaft in Multi Grays
Oil on Canvas, 60x15